Is it the light reflected by the house indicate the presence of ghost?

"I heard that someone had gone!", Paul started her talk about the mystery of the haunted house.

The huge haunted house was left by its owner since that tragic accident. Silent, wilt and witchness. The three words that can only describe how the house was. No one was enough brave to come close or even come walk along the street. This happened because there was a lot of beliefs that cannot be accepted by logical thinking of human being. For sure, the owner's close family themselves did not have the guts to even give a glance at the house, moreover to take care of it.

Three powerful sibling, who also heard the news about the house become hesitated to know more about it. Paul, Persian and Pally have their own magical power. Pally, the eldest sister, can see hidden objects according to their specific heat capacity as well as the infra red rays. Paul, the middle child has an elegant power that enable her to connect with those in the other mystical world. Persian, the youngest sister, can catch the evil's souls and spirits which always fly wander around the earth such as in graveyards, caves, the bodies of dead people or even in the abandon house.

"I think we must find solutions to solve the mystery in that house!", Pally said, as she was confident that they could overcome the hardship that occurred when they went onto this house.

"Can we do that?", Persian questioned, because she did not believe herself.

"According to my acquaintance, she said that they found a man with horrifying condition and there was also a lot of blood stain in his clothes.", Paul continue her story as she was the first among them who had heard about it.

After Paul explained the fact about the mystery of the house, they, for sure, planned to solve the mystery in the house. With the fact that all of them have magical powers, they were confident in solving the problem perfectly. As what they have planned, they walked to the haunted house as the house was located not far from them. Someone said, the house was kept and save a lot of wealth such as gold or in scientific, we called as Aurum.

"Whoever is the owner of the house, was sure a millonare!", said Persian in deeply of her heart.

"How did you know that the house was kept a lot of wealth, like a gold?," asked Pally.

"Of course, I heard people said the house will reflect a shine light during the night. Bright, as bright as the eye of heaven!", Paul said in a whole lots of spirit based on her experiences because she was fed on silver spoon  since she was child.

They had now arrived in front of the house. Starting from its fence, all looked very old. The rust in the iron fence with the shrubs that surrounded it was already enough to know how long the house was left. They walked in, curiously and  carefully then looked to the light shines from the windows and door of the house. It was very witchness. "No wonder everybody hope to get this house!", Paul whispered to Persian slowly. Pally who had been staring and glaring since they arrived, had suddenly came out with an idea that this house probably has organism living in it. She brought the lime water, to test the presence of Carbon dioxide gas, which indicates there was a respiration of an organism. Whether it was unicellular or multicellular organism, she was not sure. With the shock of Adrenaline hormone that have secreted into their blood stream, Pally, Persian and Paul took a deep breath silently to ensure their attendance did not traced by anyone.

Pally glanced at her watch for a while. It was already midnight. With all her braver, she opened the large wooden door which was brown, but at the same time, she felt free from anxiety. only just fireflies!!

"Wow, there was a lot of fireflies!", Pally said excitedly.

" can the others said that this house have a ghost?", Paul was really frustrated with the story that she heard before.

They laughed and felt very lucky because they was now the owner of the big and wealthy house. The fireflies lived in it because the house was located near to the forest which had been underwent forestation by the government. The fireflies are insects that give out the light from their body to attract the others as their way to reproduce more offspring, in future to enhance their species do not extinct. The people who were found dead tragically at the house was actually killed by the other wild animals such as Cobra, a type of snake because they disturbed their habitat in the courtyard of the house.

*This story was written originally mine in SPM trial examination but had been corrected by Uswatul Hasanah. Credit to Amalina too...:)

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